Susan Duer  - Fortepiano
“... exemplary ... polished ...”
- Contemporary Record Society News
Philadelphia, PA
“... tingling and inspired ...”
- Arizona Republic

Susan Duer is an engaging performer who takes advantage of the more intimate concert spaces suited to the fortepiano sound to create a personal connection with the audience. She offers standard recitals, informal community concerts, and interactive educational programs. Her verbal program notes are well thought out and strictly limited to a sentence or two. The standard repertoire for late eighteenth and early nineteenth century fortepiano features compositions by Mozart and Beethoven and their contemporaries, special programs feature compositions by Haydn and Mendelssohn in 2009, Chopin and Schumann in 2010; occasional inclusions of Baroque and contemporary masters add additional variety.

The fortepiano is most effective in smaller spaces with good acoustics; venues can range from traditional recital halls, to the less conventional school, library, museum, church, community center and senior residence spaces.

General audiences react positively to Susan Duer's concerts, to the beautiful clear sound of the fortepiano itself and to the immediacy and excitement these qualities add to the musical experience. The historically minded are fascinated with hearing the music on the instrument for which it was composed and first performed and seem to enjoy being transported to another time. Contemporary interest in the early piano continues to flourish in relatively few university and museum settings; this is a unique experience for the community based general audience.