Susan Duer  - Fortepiano
“... Duer has too much personality to ever be dull ... Mozart's Sonata in D K284, was notable for its extended outer movement: a theme and 12 variations, of which the 11th was perfectly sublime ... The Haydn Sonata, Hob XVI/37 was typically bubbly and good natured ... An enjoyable and enlightening evening ...”
- Main Line Times, Wayne, Pa.
“... first rate ... vibrant, bubbly and always exciting ... inspired and tingling interpretations ...”
- The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Az.
“... exemplary ... polished and confident... ”
- Contemporary Record News, Phila., Pa.
“... the Broadwood (1808) ... the real thing ... substantial sound ... matched to the Beethoven Sonata. (Opus 10 No.3) ... a big drama in a small space – the peak experience of my summer Sundays at Laurel Hill.”
- Main Line Times, Wayne, Pa.
“... intelligent and sophisticated musical practice ... music gently and sensitively phrased and shaped ... Duer was not above bravura...”
- Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Az.
“... invigorating and expert artistry ...”
- Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas, Nv.
“... a fun start ... variations Mozart wrote on the children's tune we know as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (K265)" ... then a serious sonata (K310) – minor key and dramatic ... Duer gave Mozart the proper 18th century spirit ... The Broadwood really came to life for Beethoven (Opus 10 No.3) ... it has a richness and substance that suits his big stormy temperament. It's a temperament Duer seems to share. Beethoven brings out her most interesting qualities, curious, enthusiastic, opinionated ... she tore into it with a relish that was almost alarming ... Her way with the "Moonlight" was persuasive even though the familiar Adagio wasn't as slow and dreamy as we're accustomed to hearing... Duer knows her fortepianos and her Beethoven ...”
- Main Line Times, Wayne, Pa.
“... clean and unexaggerated, allowing the music to speak ... in greased lightening passages, Duer rose to the occasion delivering cleanly delineate runs at speeds that would result in muddy textures on a modern instrument ... all details (were) transparently audible ... exceptional ...”
- The Tucson Citizen, Tucson, Az.
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“... Susan Duer masterfully plays the Mozart tunes ... ”
- The New Times, Tempe, Az.
Susan Duer
“... performed with great intensity and a full range of emotions ... so tellingly that the audience burst into spontaneous applause ... all one could hope for ...”
- The Arizona Republic
“... Sometimes going back in time is a step forward, as Susan Duer and her fortepiano so skillfully demonstrate.”
- Las Vegas Sun
“... Susan Duer is a pioneer in rural touring in Nevada. Her exciting community and children's concerts have paved the way for the noticeable increase in arts events in rural areas in the past two years ...”
- Desert Aria, Las Vegas, Nv.
“Musically erudite, Duer flows with esoteric historical information about the development of these instruments as she demonstrates a Mozart Fantasia (K397) on each instrument in turn, calling attention to the difference in dynamics, tone, articulation.”
- Arts Alive, Las Vegas, Nv.
“... Duer's artistry ... her sensitivity to a melody's shape and her attention to a scores subtle contrasts ... a rare success ...”
- Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Az.
“... Susan Duer, treating audiences to her lively , spirited renditions of classical piano pieces on her uniquely classical fortepiano ... A delightfully entertaining evening of music, as well as a fascinating experience in musical education ...”
- Mohave Daily Miner, Kingman, Az.
“... a performer of considerable technique, vitality, insight and instincts...”
- Tucson Daily Citizen
“... energetic and forceful style ... fiery and gregarious ... a frenetic, well executed rondo reminiscent of Gypsy dances ...”
- Red Rock News, Sedona, Az.
“... Susan Duer is a sensitive and powerful pianist ... melodies flowed, poured, cascaded under Ms. Duer's inspired playing ... wild tempo, madcap, whirling dance... Decisive, well defined piano, abrupt switches to melodic sweep ... Vital. Charged. Precise. Tender ...”
- The Times, Sedona, Az.
“Duer is a sensitive musician who plays with a lot of feeling ... Her playing is in consistently good taste, as is her entire approach to music-making ... Duer played the outer movements (Mozart, K333) with remarkable serenity and never pressed the tempo ... The slow movement, Andante cantabile, was a model of affectionate and songlike melody, one that held the audience in total silence and rapt concentration.”
- The Arizona Republic
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“... an artist of extraordinary talent ... Duer is a sensitive, versatile and persuasive interpreter of 18th century music ... she possesses a marvelous ability to impart a great deal of information while delighting and entertaining the audience ... mesmerizing ...”
- Park Avenue News, Milford, De.
“... And I had the feeling that every note sounded the way it did to Schubert himself. For me, it was a high point of this summer's music and of the whole Schubert birthday celebration... Mozart – his final sonata, K 576, with its sublime adagio ... had the quality of transcending time – a turning back and stopping of the clock at an ideal moment ... ”
- Main Line Times, Wayne, Pa.